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Apartments 4+kk

4 bedroom apartments are designed primarily for families with children. This type of property offers sufficient space for spending leisure time together, but also adequate privacy if each member of the family wants to be on their own, at least for a while. At the same time, you won't be in direct contact with your surroundings, thanks to the fact that most of the afore-mentioned apartments are on the buildings' higher floors.

Family apartments' charm lies primarily in their variability of use. Certainly, they're mainly designed for families. But these can be large families with children, or they can just as easily serve as multigenerational housing, where the inhabitants prefer an urban lifestyle – an apartment at the expense of a family home. For small families, a 4 bedroom apartment is a guarantee of comfort, and privacy for every member.

Airy family layouts,
with spacious accessories
mean comfort and privacy
for all members of the family.
27 apartments
family layout 4+kk

In the project, you'll find a total of 27 4 bedroom + kitchen corner family apartments with floor areas from 95 m2. All of them are equipped with at least one accessory (balcony, enclosed balcony or terrace). 3 apartments on the ground floor have a front garden. Most of the apartments are situated on the upper floors, and will boast the best views of the surroundings. The prices of the 4 bedroom + kitchen corner family apartments start at 10.9 million CZK including VAT.

Visualization of apartment buildings


Braník belongs among the parts of Prague which on the one hand have preserved their distinctive character, but at the same time offer much that is new and inspirational. What's more, from here you can quickly reach the city centre or travel beyond its borders. Braník is a synonym for an independent Prague suburb, with a mix of many picturesque characteristics of a large city and small town district alike. The narrow streets, paved with historical paving stones, are lined with low bungalows and one-storey houses, often filled with traditional trades and restaurants. What's more, Braník is also characterised by large-scale villa development, with breathtaking views of the entire city of Prague.

On the other hand, Braník, or more precisely Braník Square, where the Bydlení Brâník project will be developed, is a focal point for active families and lovers of a modern lifestyle. Even without your own transport, it's possible to reach more than 20 sports and recreational facilities from here. Within 20 minutes' walk! Feel like running or cycling, both activities so characteristic of modern times? The new project is directly adjacent to Prague's right cycling and running artery.

Purchase procedure

If you've reached an internal decision that you're interested in one of our 4+kk apartments, we definitely recommend that you look over the purchasing process which awaits you in the near future. Here you will find a detailed breakdown of the important steps which you'll have to complete. At the same time, in the individual steps, you'll find other practical information regarding financing options, choice of decor, standard features etc.

Project timetable

The residential part of the Braník project will consist of a total of three separate sections (A – divided into two buildings A1 and A2, B, C) and three sections of normal family homes. In terms of sales and construction, the entire project schedule currently has the following parameters:

  • ^ Commencement of sales: March 2020
  • ^ Commencement of construction: March 2020
  • ^ Completion of rough construction: winter 2021
  • ^ Completion of construction: autumn 2021
  • ^ Final approval and moving in: end of the year 2021

Aktuální stav


Why choose Living Brâník


The predominance of 3 bedroom + kitchen corner, 4 bedroom + kitchen corner
and family home layouts makes this project a unique opportunity for active families yearning for a new home.


A residential suburb with traditional buildings and a villa quarter, abounding in active living, just a few minutes from the centre of Prague.


Braník is literally covered in greenery. What's more, the project is designed with its own courtyard, set in a green open space.

Absolute transport options

17 minutes to Charles Square, Jižní spojka [South Connecting Highway] right next door,
and a cycle path starts a few dozen metres from the project.

Apartment standards of Clever Housing

Apart from the apartments' superior fixtures, technologically advanced accessories are also expected throughout the building

in harmony with its surroundings

The project followed a thorny path of transformation. After discussion with the neighbours, a satisfactory result was reached.

Standard features

Example of the standard features which you can expect within the scope of the concept: air conditioning unit with heat recovery, underfloor heating, preparation for intelligent home control, plastered walls, security class 3 entrance doors, internal non-rebated doors in the apartment with an above-standard height of 2,100 mm, 180 mm facade heat insulation, optical data distribution systems, superior fixtures from the Swiss Laufen brand, Roca tiles and floor tiling, glued wooden floors, preparation for the fitting of blinds with the exception of the north facades, preparation for the fitting of air conditioning units in the apartments on the highest floors etc.

Sales centre

Trigema Projekt Braník a.s.
člen skupiny Trigema
ID: 27875750
entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court
in Prague, file number B, insert 11688

Explora Business Centre - Jupiter building
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158 00 Prague 5

Opening hours
Mo - Fr: 8:00-17:00
Saturday: By telephone appointment.

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