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Commercial premises

Within the scope of the Bydlení Brâník [Brâník Homes] project, six retail units, which together comprise almost 660 m2 of usable area, and are designated for commercial use, will also be created on the ground floors of buildings B and C
(to Vrbova street, Náměstí Braník [Braník Square], Ke Krči).

The utilisation of the commercial units will focus on supplementing the comprehensiveness of the area's civic amenities, and the primary purpose is to satisfy the needs of all of the inhabitants of the entire Bydlení Brâník project.

660 m2
The project has 660 m2 commercial units - SOLDOUT.
The commercial units, with areas ranging from 60 to 140 m2, are designated in the “shell & core“ degree of completion. Unit no. 511 can be divided into two parts according to the proposed method.

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Retail opportunity in Braník

Vrbova street, which changes into Branické náměstí and then Ke Krči street, is a very important traffic artery for Braník. It is here that Bydlení Brâník is also located. Directly beside it is the Branické náměstí bus stop, which serves the inhabitants living in Braník's southern tip. Thanks to the connection of the square to Branická street, this is also the imaginary start of a promenade of pubs, cake shops and other businesses. The newly created retail units of the Brâník project will therefore form the modern beginning or end of this traditional retail street.

Regardless of existing demand, the highest interest in the new businesses will certainly be by the owners or tenants of the new apartments in the Bydlení Brâník project. Most of the demand will be recruited from the family clientele segment. At the end of the year 2021, all of them will move into 137 new apartments and 15 terraced family homes. Thus, even at the beginning, a relatively strong group of these shops' future customers will be created. You too should try to transform this opportunity into reality in the newly created Bydlení Brâník project's commercial premises.

Business units

311 (127,8 m2): N/A

Corner premises in building B, facing the newly constructed bus stop.

314 (69 m2): N/A

Compact premises
in the middle of building B, with two entrances.

411 (133,8 m2): N/A

The largest unit with a terrace, corner layout facing Branické náměstí [Braník Square].

511 A+B (149,1 m2): N/A

Variable corner space, with the largest area after connection.

614 (83,3 m2): N/A

Unit situated in the corner of building C, along Vrbova and Nad Strouhou streets.

615 (92,7 m2): N/A

The easternmost premises, a large part of which faces Nad Strouhou street.