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Braník belongs among the parts of Prague which on the one hand have preserved their distinctive character, but at the same time offer much that is new and inspirational. What's more, from here you can quickly reach the city centre or travel beyond its borders. Braník is a synonym for an independent Prague suburb, with a mix of many picturesque characteristics of a large city and small town district alike. The narrow streets, paved with historical paving stones, are lined with low bungalows and one-storey houses, often filled with traditional trades and restaurants. What's more, Braník is also characterised by large-scale villa development, with breathtaking views of the entire city of Prague.

On the other hand, Braník is a focal point for active families and lovers of a modern lifestyle. Even without your own transport, it's possible to reach more than 20 sports and recreational facilities from here. Within 20 minutes' walk! Feel like running or cycling, both activities so characteristic of modern times? The new project is directly adjacent to Prague's right cycling and running artery.

Braník has its own peaceful and distinctive character, but at the same time pulses with life and inspires many.
Places for leisure activities
There are more than 20 places for active relaxation within 20 minutes' walk from Braník. On a bike, the travel time is significantly shorter. Braník can be very simply described as a headquarters for sports activities of all kinds.

5 minutes
Basic civic amenity requirements
There are schools, kindergartens, shops, a supermarket, a restaurant, a pharmacy and a bus stop, as well as parks and children's playgrounds, within a 500 m circuit of the new project. Any one of us can cover such a distance, at a very comfortable walk, in less than 5 minutes!

Transport accessibility and civic amenities


Several buses will take you from Braník to Smíchovské nádraží [Smíchov Railway Station], where you can transfer to the “B”metro line, in just a few minutes. In the opposite direction, there is a bus connection to the Budějovická stop, where you can transfer to the “C” metro line. The bus journey to Novodvorská street is even shorter. Along the river there is a tram line to the centre of Prague and, in the other direction, to Modřany.


And if you prefer trains, you can board one at Branické nádraží [Braník Railway Station], and it will take you to Kačerov, Vršovice or all the way to Hlavní nádraží [Main Railway Station]. In the opposite direction, you can travel to Zbraslav, the Sázava river or all the way to Dobříš.


If you opt for a car, then the Jižní spojka [South Connecting Highway] will quickly take you to the opposite side of the city. In the other direction you can travel south, or you can use the Pražský okruh [Prague ring road] and other roads to reach west and north Bohemia.

Education, shops, services sport and relaxation

In Braník, don't look for large shopping centres and shopping opportunities; there's no need. Local inhabitants can purchase all products and services from traders in the area. Branická street is literally full of shops, restaurants and businesses of all kinds. From the project to the Přístaviště public transport stop it's just 10 minutes' walk, and along the way you'll find everything that's important. However, if someone requires shopping of a hypermarket character, there's nothing easier than a trip to the nearby shopping centres on Novodvorská street, and in Pankrác, Anděl and Chodov.

The educational options are also above-standard here. A half-dozen kindergartens, a primary school directly in Braník, and others in neighbouring districts which are reachable by public transport within 15 minutes. What's more, even in an area as small as Braník, you'll find many playgrounds where the little ones can entertain themselves.

You no longer have to look for leisure activities connected with physical exercise, or the classic way of entertainment, in other Prague destinations. You can find everything you can imagine directly in Braník or in its immediate vicinity. During our search, we stopped when we counted twenty recommended places within just 20 minutes' walk!