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The whole process of concluding a reservation contract remotely (e-reservation, online real estate reservation, etc.) replaces a personal visit to the sales center and it is possible to achieve the same result as if you visited our sales center. The result of the whole process is the conclusion of a reservation contract. It should take no longer than 30 minutes to read the following overview, as well as a look at all the necessary terms and conditions.

E-booking or online conclusion of a booking contract is a new element of the Smart Living concept, which we tested on two of our previous projects. Online booking has proved its worth and this option was preferred by more than a dozen of our clients. For the Bydlení Brâník project, we have further improved the functionality and extended its use to the so-called offline process. So that the client goes through the e-reservation through a standard personal or telephone meeting with the seller, he carefully thinks about everything from the comfort of his home or office and completes the entire process of concluding the reservation contract online. As a bonus, it will save you CZK 20,000 on a lower booking fee.

Below we present a simplified view of the entire online purchase process. However, to review the detailed wording, go to the Process of concluding a Reservation Agreement.

Online closing (e-booking)
apartment purchase reservation contract has the same result for you as a visit to the sales center.

9 steps of e-booking

Choosing an apartment

Choose the desired apartment. Adding it to the cart will take 30 minutes to complete the e-booking


A page where you will find an overview of all items intended for online booking, including accessories.


Get acquainted with the necessary information, samples, contracts and at the same time confirm your action.

Personal information

We urgently need your identification before creating your booking agreement.

Check and confirm

Before confirming the order (ie binding reservation), check it carefully and confirm

Payment of the fee

You will be redirected to the GoPay payment gateway, or you will receive the details of the payment order.

Confirmation in email

Final confirmation of the completion of the process incl. RA You will receive RA and attachments to your email.


For 100% completion and reassurance of all steps, our dealer will contact you shortly after completion.

Deadlines and resignations

The booking period lasts 14 days. At the same time, you can withdraw from the contract without giving a reason.

Select an apartment and add it to the cart

In the price list of apartments (basket icon) or in the apartment detail ("e-reservation" button), you have the option of booking the required apartment online, or adding it to the basket. By confirming by adding the apartment to the cart, a 30-minute time window is launched, during which you can complete the whole process. During this time, the apartment you selected is blocked and no one else can book it.


A shopping cart, booking cart or simply cart is a section of the web that shows you which items you will reserve. The booking basket can be visited by clicking on the basket icon in the web header or via the web buttons.

Note: The apartment also adds the appropriate garage and cellar, which are integral parts of the apartment. For this reason, the price in the online cart will be increased by these items. If you do not want to buy these items for the apartment, it is not possible to complete the online reservation and it is necessary to contact our sales center.

You can add an unlimited number of apartments to the cart, the subsequent required booking fee will be a corresponding multiple of CZK 50,000, which is the amount of the online booking fee for online bookings (CZK 70,000 is the booking fee for personal closing).

Familiarization with all important information

Personal Information

The following is the completion of personal data necessary for the identification of the Applicant within the contractual relationship (Name, Surname, Address of permanent residence, correspondence address, date of birth, email, telephone, type of ownership). Personal data will always be handled on the part of the Future Seller in accordance with the applicable legal regulations (GDPR).

This information is essential for the personalization of the reservation contract, the individual form of which will be generated for you in the next step.

Final check and confirmation of the reservation

In the next step, the final check of e-reserved items and entered identification data will take place. An individual reservation contract will be generated using the "confirm reservation" button.

As soon as you confirm the reservation, you will immediately receive an email confirmation of the online reservation and at the same time you will be redirected to the payment gateway. At the same time, payment data will be generated for an alternative regular cashless transfer.

Payment of the booking fee

You can make a payment via a standard payment order or by using the GoPay payment gateway. In both cases, you will pay a reservation fee of CZK 50,000 (this amount includes the relevant VAT rate valid at the time of concluding the reservation contract).

Warning: The available payment methods for the GoPay payment gateway in this case are online payment buttons and bank transfers. Both are popular bank payments with a pre-filled payment order. Payment by button is made online and always within the same banking institution. A regular bank transfer includes a quick confirmation of the payment made (usually within one hour). Payment can be entered at any time, but is processed during the bank's office hours.

Email Confirmation

After we successfully pay the booking fee, we'll send you a confirmation email again. Effective contract documentation is an automatically generated booking agreement along with confirmation that the booking fee has been paid. The GoPay payment gateway will also send you a proof of payment (if payment is made). Assuming a smooth process, you should therefore receive the following emails:

  • ^ Confirmation of completion of e-reservation, incl. reservation contract and all necessary annexes
  • ^ Payment for e-booking
  • ^ Payment status (from the GoPay payment gateway)

If you leave the process in the payment gateway phase, nothing happens, you have a longer time, which you are informed about through the payment gateway. You can return within 3 days to complete the payment.


Once the money has been credited to our account, the entire e-booking process will be completed by contacting our seller in the coming days. With this contact, the seller will check your entered personal and contact data and agree with you on the details of the further procedure leading to the conclusion of a contract for a future purchase contract (this follow-up step can no longer be performed online).

If unexpected events occur during the entire e-reservation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Deadlines and resignations

The apartment is reserved from the moment the reservation fee is paid. Booking time is 14 days.

Due to the fact that this is a contract concluded by distance method (e-reservation), you can subsequently withdraw from the reservation contract without giving a reason within fourteen calendar days of its entry into force. Take this step by filling out and submitting the withdrawal form to our address.