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Heat recovery / forced ventilation

While previous construction projects counted on air exchange via leaks in the windows, modern apartments in low-energy buildings constitute almost hermetically sealed systems. Therefore, sufficient air exchange is taken care of by the air conditioning system.

Thanks to heat recovery, fresh air is heated by waste air, thereby preventing heat loss caused by ventilation. Thus, the heat created in the apartment remains inside, while fresh air preheated to a pleasant temperature enters from the outside.

Every heat recovery unit also has an added electric heating system, which is sufficient to heat a low-energy apartment with minimum energy consumption.

The apartment contains two separately adjustable branches – one provides ventilation from the kitchen, the other from the rest of the apartment. It is therefore possible, for example, to increase the exhaust of steam from the kitchen during cooking, while at the same time leaving the ventilation of the rest of the apartment at a minimum.

Heat recovery thanks to the heating of fresh air
by waste air
prevents heat loss.
10 %
Air exchange in the apartment
The powerful air conditioning system, with heat recovery, will exchange at least 10% of the volume of the air in the apartment in just one hour.
Thus, over the course of ten hours, the air in the apartment is completely exchanged, which positively affects air quality in terms of carbon dioxide content, odours and humidity. The entire system can be regulated, and its output increased severalfold.

Advantages of forced ventilation

Elimination of shock ventilation

It is not shock air ventilation – this means that you avoid temperature differences, which leads not only to increasing living comfort, but for example is also beneficial for flowers which are sensitive to temperature changes.

Energy consumption for heating

Fresh air is preheated by waste air, therefore energy consumption for heating is reduced considerably.

Regulation options

Air exchange can be regulated. Even at minimum output, 10% of the air in the apartment is exchanged every hour, which ensures a pleasant environment free from dust and humidity, without the ventilation being perceptible.

Increased hygienic comfort

The air conditioning system significantly increases hygienic living comfort – condensation does not form on the windows and room corners do not become damp, thereby preventing mould.

Ventilation from the kitchen

Ventilates the entire area, not just the space above the cooker. Of course, it's also possible to add a recirculation hood with a carbon filter above the cooker, which will ensure the partial local filtration of cooking odours.