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Intelligent apartment control

Energy savings and air conditioning systems are matter-of-course for Trigema projects. A standard feature of all the apartments in the Clever Living concept is also preparation for intelligent home technology.

Imagine being able to easily control your home using your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. Not spending money unnecessarily on heating when nobody is at home, but still coming home to a pleasantly warm environment. Imagine a safe home which can react to both water and fire. Your home will be able to do all that, and much more.

If the previous lines scared you, don't panic and continue reading. As the basic option, The Bydlení Brâník [Brâník Homes] project offers you only equipment which you can control manually in the way that you're accustomed to, while simultaneously allowing for maximum expansion according to your wishes.

An intelligent apartment means
easy control of appliances,
energy and temperature
regulation, and security.
The basic equipment contains
A control unit, remotely controlled thermoelectric underfloor heating heads, and a smoke detector
You can additionally order, and easily connect to the existing system, the following: smart dimmers, which will provide you with the exact lighting you want at that point in time, and can react to your arrival or current light situation; motion and twilight sensors, CO2 sensors, cameras, blind control, air conditioning and heat recovery unit control, door magnets and in the future even a meteo station. The system can also be connected to home audio and video control systems.

More about the technology

Control of appliances

An intelligent apartment primarily means easy control of appliances, temperature regulation and security. It means that we don't need piles of separate controllers, and also that individual devices can collaborate with one another. For example, if you switch on the television, the blinds will automatically close and dimmed lights will come on. You can also easily measure any appliance's consumption, set the time period for which it is to be switched on, and avail of other advanced options. The system can also notify you of an appliance failure, or take action in the event of a flood or fire.

Wireless technology

Fortunately, the times of piles of cables and large unsightly instruments are past. If you decide to purchase home automation, you don't have to worry about the appearance of your household suffering. Everything that's necessary is concealed, and takes place in the background. Devices such as Blind Module, Dimmer and Switch are designed to fit into standard control buttons on the wall. Nobody will even notice that they are connected.

Control via mobile devices

Thanks to easy control using mobile phones and other instruments, you can remotely control not only temperature, but also some other functions which can be chosen in advance.

Operation and control

But you certainly don't have to be some clever programmer to be able to use the intelligent control system. Both the preparation and the operation itself are simple. The scenario which you set is reflected in overviews in the form of graphs, so you'll have everything under control. For example, you can find out whether the temperature in the apartment really decreases every time you leave for work in the morning or, on the contrary, whether the heating comes on at the exact moment before you come home which you originally set.